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Belly Butter - Stretch Mark Cream

Belly Butter - Stretch Mark Cream

Esscents Belly Butter aids in the prevention and helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and discoloration on the skin.

For daily use, apply as needed.

  • What we're made of:

    [ ] Shea butter;

    [ ] Cocoa butter;

    [ ] Kukom Butter;

    [ ] Mango Butter;

    [ ] Neem oil;

    [ ] Apki oil;

    [ ] Mustard seed oil;

    [ ] Apricot seed oil;

    [ ] Argan oil;

    [ ] Blackseep oil;

    [ ] Hemp seed oil;

    [ ] Neroli EO;

    [ ] Jasmine EO;

    [ ] Orange EO; and

    [ ] Cinnamon EO.

  • How to use:

    Apply a dime to nickel size amount into the palm of your hand and run together until melted. Then apply massage into desired areas of the body.

    For best results, use with one of our exfoliating scrubs.

    Keep out of sun and store at room temperature to avoid melting.

    If irritation occurs please discontinue use.

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